I’ve been eating healthy and I’m loving it!

It seems that I’ve been trying many ways to lose the extra weight and feel stuck at times. I went back to tracking calories but it’s a little tedious. So now, I gave up on that again and decided to just eat as many vegetables and fruits that I can every day.

I made a yummy batch of Chimichurri Sauce, then decided to model our dinners on bowl menus from Cafe Yumm and Laughing Planet. They’re a hit! I may keep going with this.

This week’s spending. I spent on plenty of vegetables and fruits. Living healthy is not always cheap. We also tried a new-to-us Indian food place called Bollywood Theater PDX. They’re good.

Yay of the week. I have a few things to “yay” about! First, #2 of our 2014 goals is achieved! Woot woot! It was not planned — we apparently got reimbursed for a dental invoice that didn’t reflect the correct amount. So the extra money went straight to the airfare fund. I won’t forget about this amount and pay our dentist out of our pockets next time.

Next I got to hang out with co-workers because we normally don’t, and played some golf and had food and drinks. It was fun. Our family also hung out with husband’s ex-stepbrother’s family. It’s weird that after so many years of being out of touch, they ended up living in the same neighborhood, working for the same employer, and have kids who go to the same school. So much for being exes! :-)

Nay of the week. I’ve been “wanting” to go to the office to work but haven’t reached the point of being motivated enough to get ready in the morning. I work with a lot of people from all over the country so I have many conference calls in a week. So working at my office desk is almost the same as working at my home office. My only office-based coworker has her own projects and schedule so we barely talk when I’m there. We don’t eat lunch together either because one might have a meeting during the typical lunch hour. I’m seriously considering going full time with working from home. Enjoy your weekend! x