camping was fun

We camped this past weekend for 2 nights at a park 15 miles away and we had so much fun. It was a really good place to camp and it’s only half hour away from home. We walked around the park and wore out our dog. :-) We tried floating in a raft. While that was exciting, I think we’ll stick to lakes for now. :-)

Husband and I think we’re good campers. We don’t bring technology, aside from our phones and a crank radio. We’re light travelers and bring only necessary items. Here’s what helped make our camping a success.

- I cooked 2 recipes that don’t need refrigeration and had them for 3 meals along with rice.
- Didn’t bring milk or juice. I thought I’d survive 2 days without milk in my coffee.
- No soda or alcohol. We’re not soda consumers but I wish we brought a bottle of wine, particularly when the next campsite has a party every night. :-)
- Brought enough clothing for 2 days, yet we didn’t use them all.
- Planned each meal. This was very important. It clearly defined what I needed to buy. There was no guessing of what to cook or eat, and we had more time together to have fun. All that was needed was to heat food.
- Brought 2 small bags of broccoli and cauliflower as our vegetables
- No s’mores — Yeah, we didn’t miss them but we brought our leftover fancy chocolates and split them among ourselves.
- No junk food. It can be a little hard not to envy other campers who have bags of chips!
- Organized our little camping items, like pots, cutlery, etc., in one container. When we organized the garage in spring, we grouped items in their appropriate containers especially the camping items. We wanted to simply pull it out of the shelf and put it in the trunk. It worked!

We don’t have all the camping gear one could argue that we should have, like sleeping mats. We borrowed this year and we’ll buy a couple of large ones. We found out that if we laid them down horizontally, instead of vertically (1 person=1 mat), we can all comfortably share it. We brought our duvet and blankets and all were useful. Each time we camp, we realize that we enjoy it and we’re good at it, so it’s forthcoming that we’ll complete our gear to be more efficient campers.

The cost of our camping food was about $40, which is definitely not bad for 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch for 3 people.

Do you have any camping ideas to share?