Debt Sux

Just sucking it up and moving on to kill $31,500 of student loans.

new car smell

I was catching up with a coworker and he mentioned that they got a brand new 2014 car early this month. Further into the convo, he told me that he got a no-bull 0.9% APR. The car was worth $27k.

And then he coaxed me into getting one too.

Ha! I may have encouraged him by saying that I missed the new car smell.


It would be a lie to say that I didn’t check out the deals where he got his car. It’s tempting, but not irresistibly tempting that I will throw caution to the wind.

We’re going to be under $22k on the student loan this week. Borrowing for a new car smell is not the brightest decision to make. I’ll just purchase Febreze Car Vent Clips to get me some of that new car smell. :-)

The question is why do I think about that new car smell anyway?

To be honest, there’s no logical reason. I suppose many people, like me, like the idea of having a newish auto to drive with all the cool gadgets in it. Perhaps, adding the minimized worry of maintenance makes the idea tempting.

Husband and I look at cars every 2 months or so, just to see what’s out there. We know that at some point in the future we’ll need to replace our 15-y/o car. It’s still working great. We’ve not had major maintenance done to it, apart from the semi-annual oil change and yearly tune-up. But yes, compared to cars on our street, ours is one of the old ones.

Not too long ago, my husband said that he wondered how some of our neighbors afford the brands of cars they drive. Beats me. I bet they can, but comfortably? I don’t know. We don’t live in a posh area but who knows who can afford what nowadays. Many people aren’t flashy.

There are joys in owning a car without payments, not to mention having an old model. It costs less on insurance for one ($630/year for us). We don’t drive it far and this costs us around $85/mo on gas. I recently cleaned the exterior one evening and did so thoroughly. It made such a difference. That alone makes it worth keeping it for as long as we can.

There’s really no reason to replace it. Having a new car doesn’t always mean something…just a pleasant new car smell that wears out after a month or two. :-)

This week’s spending. I thought about grocery shopping a few times, but only once to buy fruits. It’s odd that despite initially feeling that we’re running low, there’s still food somewhere in the kitchen. :-)

Nay of the week. Nothing.

Yay of the week. I organized the kitchen a little bit and we got rid of a few things for recycling. I put away clothes for donation and will be selling a few unused items.

Enjoy your weekend! It’s the last one for July! Eep! x

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